Ural Airlines: Children Flying Alone

What is Ural Airlines' (U6) Unaccompanied Minor Service?

An unaccompanied minor (UM) is a child who is not accompanied by an adult passenger or a passenger who, in accordance with the civil legislation of the Russian Federation, has acquired full legal capacity until they reach the age of eighteen. Carriage of unaccompanied minors is carried out only on direct regular flights of the airline (up to first point of landing).

What age does my child have to be to qualify as an Unaccompanied Minor?

Children of the following age shall be carried as unaccompanied children:

  • 5 to 12 years for flights within Russia and the CIS
  • 6 to 12 years for international (besides CIS) flights, when travelling without parents (guardians) and are not entrusted to legally capable passengers over 18.
This service is confirmed by Ural Airlines not less than 3 days prior to departure.

What are the fees associated with this service?

Unaccompanied minors must pay the applicable adult fare at the time of booking. Additional fees are collected:

  • On Russian flights and CIS - 5 000 rubles
  • Far abroad - EUR 100

How do I book this service?

Please contact Ural Airlines' reservation team.

For further information, please visit Ural Airlines' (U6) site.