Oman Air: Pet Policy

What methods of transport does Oman Air provide for my pet?

Oman Air does not permit the carriage of animals (except for seeing eye dogs) in the passenger cabin of aircraft. However, animals may be shipped as cargo.

What are the restrictions?

  • Live animals must be loaded in special IATA approved containers. Your Oman Air office can advise where to obtain these.
  • If you wish to ship your animals on Oman Air, please contact the airline at least two weeks before the planned date of travel.

What are the fees associated with pet transport?

For fee associated with shipping pets as cargo, please contact Oman Air's Call Center.

What health documentation is required?

Many countries require an import license, to be obtained in advance of the arrival of the animal. In addition, regulations in most countries demand that the animal is accompanied by a current health certificate, issued by a qualified veterinarian, to confirm the animal is healthy and disease-free.

Notice should be taken of any quarantine periods required for the importation of animals, as these can be as long as six months and may cause suffering to the animal as well as financial and emotional distress to the owner.

Further details of importation regulations for individual countries can be obtained from local embassies, chargé d'affaires, or consulate offices.

Are there any other restrictions?

Oman Air can refuse to transport an animal due to illness, aggressive behavior, poor kenneling, or extreme temperatures at origin, transfer, or destination airports.